And still signing up LIFE MEMBERS!

If you are a Life Member of our Crummy Fraternity, you may or may not be aware of a program that was started a few years ago.  Back in 2005, Past Supreme Commander Tom Tweet proposed a program to help out the Supreme organization.

We were redesigning the Life Member card and changing it from a white card to a Gold-colored card. The cards were being redesigned since we were about to run out of the old white ones.  Past Supreme Commander Tweet suggested that every Life Member replace their card with the new Gold Card.  He then mentioned that when the U.S. Mint replaces a semi-destroyed dollar bill, it re-issues the serial number, but places a little start in front of the serial number.  He suggested that we start up a program similar to the at program, only the Life Member would have his Life Member number re-issued on the New Gold Colored Card and aRed Star would be placed in front of the Life Member number signifying that a second donation had been made to help the MOC.

Since then, hundreds of Cooties have applied to become Red Star Life Members.  The only question that remains is:  Are YOU a Red Star Life Member Yet?  To become one of the "LOUSY” elite simply contact Supreme Quartermaster Gary Dressel at or the Grand CCDB.