MOC All Grand Pup Tent Hospital Chairmen.

 Supreme has put out a BETA Online Page for submissions for the Hospital Reports.


The Grand of the Pacific is using the new online reporting system.  So please check it out.  Each Pup Tent has its own login.


If you run into any problems or find any types of errors, please send your finds or questions to the Grand Hospital Chairman. 


Please look at the following links and review the training guides.


 The Main portal for the NEW Online reporting is as follows.


Here is a link that will take you to the Training Videos. training


I have also attached the Excel format, so you have a copy.   Just click the link below  

2022-2023 Blank Hospital Report

 If you do not understand you can still send your monthly Hospital reports to me by the 26th of each month and I will import them for you.


NOTE:  If you are like me and use one Excel workbook with Monthly Tabs and try to do an excel import make sure you only have TAB as it will only load the First tab that you have.